Employee onboarding gifts: How to make your company stand out in valuing your employees

Unfamiliar setting and environments are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed or stressed. When this situation is the first week at a new job, the level of stress can increase even more. Research shows the first days of starting a new position are crucial for the long-term success at an organisation. Why? There are simply too many people to meet, impress or orientations to attend. To make your new employees feel welcomed and relaxed from the very beginning, you and your team should think of how to acclimate them smoothly into their new positions without causing too much stress.

Prepare welcome gifts

Giving a gift on your new employee's first day will diffuse the tension of new hires. For example, giving out a small box of company's merchandise such as goodie bags, pens, stickers or branded coffee mug, will take one step further in accommodating your new employee in your company. By giving out personalised gifts with company's logo, mission and vision, it will reflect the company's culture and make your new employee welcomed within the organization. You should customise the gift to match the organization's style, colour and logo.

Build up their motivation and excitement


Not only it gives insights into your company culture and values, but it also builds up your internal brand. It makes people feel motivated and excited about their new job, which will benefit the entire team. The small gesture will promote a positive and proactive attitude for a new employee and will have an impact on the overall performance.

Branded company merchandise makes new employees feel appreciated

Receiving a gift will make them start their position more loyal to the company and, in turn, start off more engaged. By including your company's mission, vision and values, you will clearly state what the company is trying to accomplish which will help a new employee to understand even better the company's goals. It will help them to get a bigger picture which is crucial from very first day. Giving our company's branded merchandise can greatly create a feeling of loyalty to the company as research shows that employees that are satisfied and happy with the culture of their workplace are 12% more productive.

What to include in the welcome kit

As mentioned earlier, it is important to customise your welcome gits/kit to match your new employee position and style, but also to make it relevant with the company's logo, colors, style and mission. Your welcome kit can include promotional merchandise such as:

  • Tote bag (sustainable = reusable)
  • Branded coffee mug
  • Notebook and pen
  • Cool branded T-Shirt
  • Pencil holder

One other tip? Do not stop the gift-giving once the onboarding process is finished. Make sure that your employee feel integrated in the team and are valued part of the company's success. And if you need help or some ideas to create the best onboarding gifts kit, we are happy to provide you with the best sustainable and reusable products from Teenah! Make sure to check out our website teenah.org for more details.