General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use and Data Protection

1. Party of the Contract

These General Terms of use are valid for all orders of a customer from Joonah Garments/Agnes Aistleitner “seller” (See Impressum) for the custom printed item service, imprintable apparel sales and single item sales. After making an online order the party agrees to the General Terms of Service, for the contract to be binding the sent design has to be confirmed via Mail by the seller. 

2. Offerings

Other custom services that are not offered online, are subject to individual offerings. And Offerings are to be treated confidential and can be asked to revert at any time by the seller should the offering given to another seller. The Products in the Onlineshop, Internet pages, Catalogues and prospects can slightly deviate 2-3% in size and color from what is displayed online. 
Obvious Typos and Calculation mistakes are not binding for the seller. 

3. Contract Conclusion

Through a written acceptance of the offering the contract is concluded. Later changes have to be made in written consent with both parties. 

4. Prices

All Prices are in EURO, and the amount for the price is stated in each offer page, within Austria and Jordan the VAT has to be added, Packing and Shipping are to be calculated from either Jordan or Austria whichever is relevant in the particular case. The buyer has to pay import duties and clearance cost should such arise. Upon request insurance for the Order can be requested which has then to be paid by the buyer. Individual Offers may contain other terms which are then valid only for this offer. Special packaging has to be requested by the buyer and occurs additional cost. 
The seller may correct unintended false prices stated after contract conclusion immediately when noticed. 

5. Additional Costs

May occur for individual samples, prototypes and similar other special requests.

6. Individual Printing

The printing has to be final approved with a mock up image by the client. The print file has to be delivered in .ai, eps or pdf file, the buyer has to communicate printing dimensions. 

7. Fabrics sent for production by buyer

Has to be specially negotiated with the seller, buyer is responsible for delivery if not agreed otherwise in writing. Seller may assist upon request and with a written agreement. Seller is not liable for the material of the buyer.

8. Delivery

Delivery times are valid upon written confirmation by the seller of the mock up. Is the seller late with the delivery the buyer has to send a written notice to deliver. After this notice is sent the buyer is in delay for delivery. Seller may sent in parts. Is the seller late the buyer has to set an adequate grace period of minimum six weeks. After this the buyer is allowed to withdraw from the contract. Is the seller not in fault for the delay and was the delay not caused by gross negligence, the seller is not liable for any damages. The seller is not liable for delays caused by third parties in the fulfillment such as government, customs, freight forwarder, transport or other unforeseeable conflict from its suppliers.

9. Liability

Obviously damaged goods and faulty production has to be announced to the seller within one week upon receipt, otherwise the seller is not liable for the fault.

10. Cancellation

The buyer may cancel his order within 48 hours if the custom printing has not started yet and the goods were not shipped. If it blank goods have been shipped and boxes are unopened they can be returned at the buyers cost and the purchase will be refunded.

11. Payment Condition

Online is 100% Prepay, additional costs arising due to special requests from the buyer later on, have to be paid before shipping.

12. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

All conflicts shall be resolved in front of an Austrian court.

13. Consumer Protection

For orders that are concluded with consumers, the consumer protection laws of Austria are applicable. And for the Sales from Jordan those of Jordan.

14. Disclaimer

Customization on Blank items provided by seller follow at buyer's risk and the seller is not liable for any damages arising from it. The seller is not liable for any unintended false statements on the website. The seller is not liable for its suppliers default. 
Orders can be 2-3% off from the ordered amount.

15. Non-Disclosure and Data protection

The buyer agrees to keep the information secret that have been disclosed to him with the contract. 
The seller is treating all personal data according to the EU Data Protection Laws.


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