Boost your brand with promotional bags

Boost your brand with promotional  bags!

7 Benefits of Having Custom Printed Tote Bags For Your Business

In today’s crowded advertising areas, one may wonder where do I best spend my available advertising budget? Digital has become the norm, but are your customers still taking notice of you? We suggest to devote part of your budget to a traditional yet highly effective promotional strategy; promotional bags. According to PSI and ASI Statistics promotional bags get the most impressions out of all the physical promotional means available.  

Over the past years, custom promotional tote bags have become more popular, which makes them the perfect option for your promotional product campaigns.We have put together seven key benefits of including a promotional bag within your marketing efforts. Here are more reasons why a promotional tote bag is beneficial and effective:

  • Everyone loves a freebie.

  • People love to receive promotional items as customer gifts. Freebies expand your exposure and help build audience and lead to future sales. And a cool bag that helps you carry your stuff - Who doesn’t love a freebie?

  • Grow your brand awareness

  • Raise awareness through a great design or giving out the bag for a cause. A promotional tote bag can be used for different campaigns and to raise and maximize awareness of your brand. For example, think of tote bags as portable merchandise, so people will carry them around and use them for shopping, beach and everyday activities. This means that your brand will circulate across your city and most likely much further.

  • A great design will make your brand stick out even more

  • A well-designed promotional tote bag can be reused again and again by customers and clients who believe in your products or services, if you present them with an amazing design they will worship your company brand. It is a great way for your business to stand out as a person becomes a walking billboard every time he uses the tote bag which means advertising your business nonstop. Try to come up with design that strategically and visibly place your logo to be able to see it from the distance.

  • Unique and memorable

  • A tote bag is unique and memorable. It is useful and is appreciated by people because it is less common and not always expected as a gift. Also, it is ideal for collecting marketing material at conferences and a simple tote bag holds a huge branding power for your company. Once you imprint your business logo on the bags, it creates a memorable impression for your customers, which leads to customer loyalty and promoting and marketing your business to wider audience. A big advantage of tote bags is their variety. There are many different versions of tote bags that will suit all your needs.

  • Economical

  • Most tote bags are made of canvas. They are cost effective especially when you order large quantities. If you offer tote bags, it is cheap and you get a lot of space to personalize them with your logo, message, statement and so on. You save money and get a cool promotional item at the same time.

  • Can hold other giveaways

  • When given away during parties or events, tote bags can be used to carry other promotional items. They  can be useful in holding your stuff and at the same time, great for promoting your brand.

    1. Environmentally friendly

    Most of the biggest world's companies consider strategies to reduce the use of carry out plastic bags from grocery stores or from events and conferences. Moreover, if you are offering an eco-friendly reusable tote bags, then you  create an eco-friendly statement about your company's stance on sustainability. All of the Teenah's tote bags are eco friendly, washable and reusable.

    And now you are ready to rock your next conference or event with great promotional tote bags!

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